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Getting Organized & Staying Organized


A cluttered desk can breed a cluttered mind. But imagine an organized workspace where you can find what you need and feel free to do your work without distraction. Even better yet, consider what it would be like to stay organized no matter what comes your way. Organomics creates a system that works for you; based on your personality, preferences, and work style.

  1. Picture Your Organized World – What will your office look like and how will you function in it?
  • Decide what you want your space to look like when you’re done.
    Where do you want space and where do you want your work?
  • Describe what it will “feel” like when you walk into the organized room.
    What words or phrases will you use to describe how you feel in your organized space?
  1. Get Equipped – What will you need to perform the tasks you perform in your space?
  • Identify the function of the space.
    Make a list of what you will be doing in your space. What functions will you perform?
  • Identify the tools you need to perform the function.
    Make a list of the tools and accessories you’ll need to perform you functions. Locate them nearby to make work easy.
  1. Sort and Purge – What do you need to do your work and what can be discarded?
  • Sort your needed items into categories.
    Group the items categorically or topically that you have deemed as useful and beautiful. Stage these items in the room.
  • Purge any items that are unnecessary.
    Place the unnecessary items into boxes titled “Goes Elsewhere”, “Give Away”, “Overflow Office Supplies”, and “Trash”.
  1. Plan Placement and Containerize – Designate a “home” for the items you have decided to keep.
  • Place items that you use frequently in close proximity.
    Placement is all about easy access based on use. Think about what you use daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Contain like items in a single place.
    Filers can tuck things neatly away in files or closed containers. Pilers can use upright files and open bins for storage.
  1. Stay Organized
  • Invest 5 to 10 minutes each day to put things back.
    If you get into the habit of putting things away every day, you won’t have to go back to a state of disarray.
  • Continually remind yourself to follow through.
    Resist the temptation to “put things here for now”. It is easier to keep a space maintained than it is to dig out again.