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  • What is in it for you?

    Organomics® is a set of principles designed to help you thrive in your workplace or at home. When you unleash the organizer within, you will accomplish more and be free to do what you love. Imagine entire teams or companies thriving in this way.

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    Create a Thriving Workspace

    Don't just survive, thrive

    According to The Conference Board half of all Americans are unhappy in their jobs. There is constant pressure to do more with less and people are tired. Organomics empowers people to operate with higher efficiency and precision. At the end of the day, people who work well, accomplish more, get the kudos they are seeking, and end up thriving in their environment.

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    See Unprecedented Productivity Gains

    Personal Productivity is the Missing Link

    Waning productivity costs companies hundreds of billions of dollars. Most companies are already spending millions to change the trend. Only a few trend-setters have realized they are missing an investment in personal productivity training and coaching. The early winners are seeing productivity gains up to 10%.

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    Experience Freedom to Innovate

    From Overwhelmed to Freedom

    When people feel trapped at work, their productivity declines. According to Cornerstone, work overload decreases productivity by 68%. Organomics empowers people to work in a way that is liberating. With 3 to 4 hours of extra time in every week, people can work on projects that are more stimulating. Imagine being able to leave work on time and leave work at the office.

  • What is Organomics?

  • Or·ga·nom·ics / or·ge·nä·miks / n:

    1 a set of principles that guide people to organize and thrive at work based on personality, preference, and learning style;
    2 a path to freedom experienced by individuals who discover the organizer within;
    3 a combination of ergonomics and organization. Ergonomics is the science of the relationship between the worker and the working environment. Organization involves arranging, processing, and systematizing. It is the act of forming an orderly, functional, structured whole for every person.

    4 a way of calculating the economics of productivity

    Organomics® adapts your work environment to your individuality. Experience the freedom of having your office feel like an extension of who you are personally. Like the shape of the keyboard and the support of a chair make a worker more productive, we personalize your work space an your unique set of work to work for you. The result is that you thrive.

    • Thrive at work by creating an environment that works for you
    • Regain confidence by quickly finding anything in your digital and physical work space
    • Reduce stress with a well-fitted surrounding
    • Revitalize your creativity by minimizing your distractions
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  • Aon Logo - Organomics Customer

    Dani McCauley

    Senior Vice President, Aon

    “Michelle, I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to see the light at the end of the tunnel…you have been a great addition to my life and the arsenal of tools I can use to be more effective.”

    Construction Logo - Organomics Customer

    Missy Henkins

    Construction Company, Breckenridge, CO

    "With just under 5 hours of consulting time with Michelle, I was able to get 10 hours back in my week. The clarity that I have experienced with Michelle and her Organomics approach has yielded greater empowerment and peace of mind. I even know how to strategically tackle projects I have hesitated on for years."

    CPC Logo - Organomics Customer

    Craig Meis

    CFO, Wyoming Proppants

    "Michelle Santaferraro is an excellent speaker with an interesting view on how to get and stay organized. Her approach is more effective than most because she emphasizes people’s strengths and personal style rather than some standardized text book system. What really makes her such a great speaker is her friendly, easy going manner and ability to connect with her audience. You feel like you’re having a cup of coffee with a good friend, not listening to a lecture. Highly recommended for a group of any size!"

    CPC Logo - Organomics Customer

    Julie Curtin

    President, Development Counsellors International

    My teammates and I receive hundreds of correspondence each day via email, text, instant messenger and Slack. Combine that with never-ending to do lists, client deadlines, meetings, and agency projects, and our team is overwhelmed. In an effort to provide tools – and ultimately time - to my team, I reached out to Michelle Santaferraro who spent an afternoon with our team teaching us about habits of organized people. Teaching us about our own personal learning styles, and how to apply those to being organized. And teaching us how to take decisive action, and better manage meetings. Needless to say, it was a well-spent afternoon. If you or your team are feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend a conversation with Michelle – and better yet, a full afternoon!

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