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    laptop in order showing complete control over email chaos

    Moving from Email Chaos to Control

    The average person spends 13 hours a week doing email. That is 28% of a typical work week. If email happened all at once, that would still be a huge time sink. Since it comes in all throughout the day, it can consume as much as half of your work week due to interruptions. Learn simple habits that help you stay proactive in your digital world. Discover how to set up your email so it reflects the natural way you are triggered to do work. You will learn the 4 ‘R’s’ of email management – Read, Respond, Re-categorize, and Remove. Walk away with solid strategies for email responsiveness for either Outlook or Gmail.

    professional black brief case signifying someone that becomes highly organized

    The 7 Habits of Highly Organized People

    Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Responding to urgent requests and being available for constant interruptions can leave a person exhausted by the end of the day. For too many, the real work begins in the evening or on the weekends. Learn the timeless principles of productivity in the workplace. Discover how to create a space that is optimal for clarity of focus, identify natural triggers around getting work done, and practice clever habits for work day productivity. Take away the most excellent habits around follow-up, execution, current projects, and meetings; everything that is critical for you to thrive at work.

    hand drawing a creative design showing how creativity is revitalized when distractions go away

    Revitalize Your Creativity by Minimizing Your Distractions

    The mental clutter we have in our heads and the physical clutter we have on our desks can increase our stress and keep us from solving problems creatively. Once our concentration is interrupted, we may need up to 23 minutes to attain the same level of concentration we experienced before the interruption, according to experts. Learn how to improve your focus in the midst of constant emails, voicemails, project requests, interruptions, and meetings. These strategies are personalized for the unique type of work and work style of each person. Take away a solid understanding of 10 strategies that can reinvigorate creativity and problem solving.

    books signifying the discovery process for the unleashing the organizer within everyone

    Discover Your Natural Organizing Style

    Have you tried implementing organizing ideas based upon a book you read or what your colleague does to stay organized? Their ideas may work for them but not for you. Order is innate. It is personal. Every person has a natural way to bring order out of chaos. Whether you are kinesthetic, visual, or auditory, there is a work style that naturally fits the way you create order. When this work style is paired with your personality and preferences, you begin to find systems and tools that will work specifically for you. Learn practical strategies to enhance your own organizing style. In the end, you are much more likely to maintain a system you created yourself.

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