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    Overcoming Email and Digital Disruption

    When email chaos meets digital distraction, productivity is decimated. Most leaders are just beginning to react to the digital tsunami. It is time to disrupt the email and smart phone status quo. A half-day of training provides a framework to take back control of your work environment. Organomics consultants return to help design and ingrain a personalized system to help employees thrive, even in the midst of a digital storm.

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    Personalized Productivity Training

    While millions are being spent to boost productivity, innovators are now realizing the importance of personalized productivity training. It is the missing link. A half-day or full day workshop educates your team about the personalized nature of organizing. Organomics consultants return for 3 individual coaching sessions for all trainees. Coaching and personalization are key to help guide everyone toward thriving in the work place.

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    Executive Effectiveness Workshop

    Imagine crushing shared goals, modeling culture for the company, and exceeding the expectations of your investors. When an executive team is running well, firing on all pistons, the results quickly follow. A half-day workshop, unearths individual work styles and productivity keys that make teamwork enjoyable. Our Executive Organomics consultants return for personal coaching and team building to ensure the success of your leadership team.

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    Project Acceleration

    Identify a project where time and execution are critical. In your portfolio of projects, pick the one where on-time, on-target execution provides the most significant impact on the bottom line. A half-day training builds success into the project by giving back up to 4 hours of time for everyone involved on the project. Our Organomics consultants return to make sure personalization drives results and lays a foundation for better results.

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    Startup Boot Camp

    As a startup, you are early enough in your journey to create a culture of thriving. It is too easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done or devastated by the dynamic nature of new businesses. In a half-day or full day boot camp, we create an Organomics experience where everyone participates in fun learning activities. Each person discovers "the organizer within," better relates to their co-workers, and creates a personalized system. Our coaches come back to help put habits in place to create a culture of thriving.

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